Fragile Spaces

9th October 2015

Welcome to my running commentary for my Collaborative Photographic Practice project.  I aim to show my thought process and ideas within the coming text.

12th October 2015

Trying to find ideas of what to do for my collective calibration project, where better to look than the TATE. One piece of work by Doris Salcedo was a crack in the floor of the turbine hall at the TATE maybe this will be to drastic for my work for the project.

Robert Smithson used site specific art to reflect the influence of pollution on the landscape. These were large imposing demonstrations, being abel to see them from miles around. This is something that I would be interested in but I think it is to big for a project like this.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude are another inspirational team, even though their work is on a large scale maybe it can be replicated in a smaller fashion especially their ‘Wrapped Floor and Stairway’ work.

16th October 2015

Today we were allocated into our groups. I look forward to be working with Simo Pukkinen, Lori Waite , Adrian Fear and Emily Young.

19th October 2015

There has been the decision for the site of our project to be held at the Schooner Inn Lounge, Prospect Place Swansea. The location is ideal just off Wind Street in the centre of the city, near to the Museum, Dylan Thomas Centre and Morgans hotel. I look forward to researching the location to see if there is anything interesting to work with. Simo is going to be the contact with the site ensuring that there is not to many people connecting the owner, possibly upsetting him.

20th October 2015

My first real look at the location. There is going to be a lot of work to get the site ready, cleaning and clearing the room, however I think it is going to be worth it in the end. The owner has verbally told us that we can use the items in the space just need to get it in writing

We need to look at the accessibility of the building, we are exhibiting at the rear of the property with access through the rear doors, however there may be people that will enter through the front so there will be the need to direct people through and around the property, as we are using a public house then some people may not like to walk through the bar, so it will have to be evident that there is another entrance that can be used. There is a step going into the room so it may be an issue if anyone comes in a wheelchair.

23rd October 2015

Today we introduced our lecturer Sian Addicott to the site for assessment and initial risk assessment. A lot of positive ideas are being created every time that we go to the site and more importantly Sian seems to think our ideas can work.

27th October 2015

Another visit to the site today more sorting and thought making.

30th October 2015

Been to the West Glamorgan Archive at the Civic Centre in Swansea, looked at the location, highlighted that the area was just of the original dockland of Swansea, with many shipping supplies and stores locally, as well as main offices regarding shipping and the industries of Swansea.

I came across that the area had many notable building nearby including the old Harbour Offices now the Morgans Hotel is opposite our site, a pub called the Beaufort Arms (Rodger Thomas), Offices + Sailors homes, the Guild Hall, Tyrrell and Sons ltd inc ship stores, Tegman and Rees merchants, Felix Martin marine/instrument/optician, Coleridge House and Bertie Perking travel agents.

It seems that the location covered the industrial requirements of the dock area. Maybe i can reflect the old industries with the new, going to gather images of modern industry such as the many call centres that now call Swansea their home, or the tourism trade that is within the city. There is also education with the cities universities and colleges bringing work and students to the city that then fills the pubs and clubs at an evening.

4th November 2015

Here it is our poster is designed and ready to print, dates set, ready to advertise.

13th November 2015

After todays lecture with Sian and Ryan, we all met at the venue to reassess the work that we are going to do. It seems that we are thinking of the project to much as Photojournalists and not as an art style project. This may sound strange as we all are studying a Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Degree, this project is designed to expand our mind set. We have each decided to represent the site using what we once were just going to abandon and simply recycle the detritus and present it in reflection to the location, simply creating a narrative within the site.

Adverts have been sent to the local papers and various Facebook whats on pages, just have to wait to see if they will be made visible as they have to be verified first.

14th November 2015

Another day at the venue sorting out what is there and what we can use. A lot of the things her is simple rubbish but there are a lot of wonderful and interesting things that we can use, just need to work out how to use them.

17th November 2015

Another day at the venue. Everything has been taken out and cleaned down, curtains hung properly and closed to try and create the atmosphere we are looking for. Everyone is putting an effort in for the display, developing ideas as we go. I can already see that this exhibition is going to be completely different to anything that i have done before, or even what we all originally planned.

15th November 2015

Time to reevaluate the site what I’m going to use, how I’m going to use it, and so on. All ready in the room there are some heavy red curtains, the texture of these could be good for a projection. The display fridges can also be utilised, the light work inside them so this can be used for highlighting some prints. There are some notice boards above eye level that can be used to display prints, the only thing with these is that there is not much light on them. There are some beautiful copper light shades in the room, some of the bulbs have blown but there should be no problem fixing these. The ceiling itself is quite high but it looks clean maybe something can be reflected on it. The old counter one end of the room looks strong and could be used to hold a display.  There is so much to think about with this room with so much potential I think the biggest issue there may be is where to stop.

There is the wonder do we utilise the corridor? This may be a step to far because when it rains there is water coming down the walls and it is the fire escape. Maybe there will be something we can do but we will have to wait and see.

19th November 2015

PAT testing today taken extension leads, computer and slide projector checked and passed everyone else seems to be the same so another step taken toward the exhibition.

Everyone else’s ideas seem to be coming along nicely, should be an interesting display of our work.

20th November 2015

At the beginning of the day, my work still is not gelling with everyone else’s. I feel I need to alter my idea, as it is not substantial enough to hold presence in the room, or simply to compliment the other work, it needs to be bolder, with more of a presence. Then managed to find a spare projector. Maybe instead of printing i can project the images, just need to find some space in the room.

21st November 2015

Time to shuffle things around, I have not made it easier now that I am projecting, the space I initially was going to use is no longer suitable. All that was going through my mind was ‘Am I going to be able to project? do I need to change my idea again?’

22rd November 2015

Everything is in place, and having a dry run, just found out that we have a lead with the wrong fitting for one of the projectors so have ordered one, should be here for the opening day. All our work looks good together, shows that we worked as a team, just hope this is seen by everyone else.

Looks like we may have more problems with the electric, lucky we pat tested so many extension leads. Just hope all will be ok for the final risk assessment, so we can open on time.

24th November 2015

Today’s the day, official opening of the exhibition, I do not know if I am excited or nervous. Lead has not arrived, so having to borrow one for today. Final risk assessment done and passed, Sian and Stewart seemed to like what they seen, lets see if the electric holds out.

25th November 2015

Lead to connect the computer to the projector has arrived so can give the borrowed one back.

27th November 2015

Assessment day! The day is here. Is our work going to be praised or criticised? Well, why worry, everyone seemed to love it. Feedback seems to be good. The lecturers seem to understand what we done, and like that the work fits together showing collaboration between all of us.

1st December 2015

Well, that is it! Exhibition closed down, the site left in a better manner than we first had it. It has been a good exercise, taking me well out of my comfort zone and making me look at things differently.

2nd December 2015

Finished my presentation for the 4th of December, it is meant to be five minutes long, just gone through it now and it was nearly ten minutes, what do i do? Don’t want to take anything out as i think it is all relevant. I will just have to practice talking faster for it

4th December 2015

Today is the day we have our closing Powerpoint presentation regarding our site and the work we all did went over my time as expected even though I rushed but feel it went well




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