Month: May 2015

Election Thursday 7th May 2015

Its that time again. Knocks at the door. Constant stream of adverts promising the world. All in the aim to get your vote. This years Election seems to be the most difficult one to asses in history.  I am proud to say that i have always voted, no matter what the election is for, I have voted. I have always felt that the voters voice needs to be heard. So the simple question is who to vote for. My simple answer is ‘God Knows’!!!!!!!!

This years election is creating a bit of internal turmoil for me. I know what previous generations have gone through, for us to have the right to vote. However, with the modern political parties basically promising the same things, and carrying out what they wish when in, who do i vote for.

One danger with this election is that if no one votes, or not many vote then control of the country will be shared between a number of parties.

The difficulty with the general election is that you have so many parties to chose from, and the choices alter from region to region. It is worth looking at each and every party that is represented in your constituency, as well as the representative that have put their name down for the job, before you vote, as your vote counts for your representative.

What party or parties will be in power at Westminster or each constituency after the vote? I don’t know! However, as our ancestors fort for our right to vote, I know I will vote, and I hope you will to.