Feminism and Gender Equality

Some might think that this is a strange subject for a man to write about! But Why? At the very heart of Feminism is Gender Equality. This is where i will make my enemies, because who decides whats equal? Yes any people doing the same thing should be treated the same. However, in reality this does not seen to happen. There’s major outcry when it is found that a woman doing the same duties as a man gets paid at a different rate! What about the other men that are being paid the same as the woman, or even less than the woman! All people regardless of gender should be treated the same.

There will be many males and females that recon that they are in the right, however, in my view they are no better or worse than each other. Emma Watson made a speech to the U.N. regarding ‘heforshe’ campaign, surprisingly it created a stir with a minority of people, being condemned by parties from both sexes as being non-representative to them. Maybe these people are not happy with equality, and are looking for dominance.

The danger with any campaign is the militant aspect of it. The Feminist movement originally fought for gender equality, but it some how now seems to want female dominance.

A child when born, knows nothing of gender. Babies know nothing of gender dominance. Toddlers playing know nothing about how they are meant to act to represent gender. So that can only mean that it is the influence of the parents/education system/society that creates this in-equality.

Society depicts that we as individuals should strive to be the best. Maybe this is the problem. When we all as human being finally realise that no mater what we do, as long as we are happy we can call ourselves the best. Who depicts what job is better than another. Is the amount you get paid the main reason someone should go to work? To me the best job that anyone can do, is one they look forward to every time they go to work, regardless whether they are paid or not. Maybe rather than concentrating on money, and change it to happiness the world would be a better place. There always seems to be a price on everything, even happiness, this should not be the case. We now live in a society that is controlled by greed, he’s got that so i want it! She’s got that so I want it! They have that so i want it, and that has nothing to do with gender.

I am not saying that people should not be paid for doing things, just that it should not be the only reason to do it. I don’t even say that only men and women should be treated the same. Everyone no mater of gender, religion, ethnicity, location, age, all should be treated, paid and have the same opportunities as each other.


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