Bitter Lake by Adam Curtis

This is a brilliant interpretation of the nativity of the West’s view of how it can help in any given situation. Showing that whatever is attempted by western influence is not necessarily best. It is interesting to see all these facts, cleverly edited into this documentary for the BBC.

The strength of the idea and thought that has gone into this documentary is overwhelming.  With the simple notion of sifting through the journalistic archives of the BBC, to create a new body of work.  It is clever the way he leads us through the journey that Afghanistan and the Middle East has taken over the years, bringing us to the situation that we are living in today.

I can imagine that the views of the documentary are not well received by the establishment.  There is an overwhelming thought that highlights that maybe, today’s world situations have actually been created by us in the past.  With all this information available in the public domain, highlights that the views of the media alter, creating complexities of what right and wrong actually are.

The documentary reflects the grey areas that occur when the depiction of good and bad are to be acted on. The thought that different governments, attempt to influence the thoughts of different countries and societies under the pretence of good actions, is worrying, as it would seem that the ‘clean up’ operation is could be more of a ‘cover up’ operation of our failings.

It is highlighted in the documentary that the military when looking for the ‘Taliban’, used what they believed to be good sources, were drawn into ancient tribal conflicts, rather than actually discovering who were ‘Taliban, contaminating the situation and ending up in conflict with everyone.  Maybe this can be brought into the idea of the modern Hollywood blockbuster, that we can make things right and better through our actions, where maybe we have made things worse.

It has to be said that this is an edited view of Curtis; however the evidence seems to be strong. I would recommend everyone to watch this documentary, as the ideas raised need to be discussed.


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