The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir 1998

This film makes you look at what is real and what is not.  The thought of being viewed during all your daily life can now be classed as a reality. The only difference is that we are not being directed, or are we?   With all the C.C.T.V. cameras in operation today it can be assumed in most areas, our actions are being recorded, if not being viewed.  It opens the thought to what is reality.

Who can accurately describe what reality is? The biggest issue is perception. In this film reality is directed by one man, creating the perception that all is normal and true, when everything is imaginary.

The thought behind the film is clever, perception of a given situation can be endlessly argued by anyone that was present at the time. The reality will be amongst all of the arguments, but not always corresponding with each other’s views. This can be recognised by anyone in their lives, as we all can associate with the restrictions of memory.

The film also reflects on the view that we are being manipulated, to do things for others without realising. To me this is a reference to the media and the politicians of any given country. We as the participants in our current global story, have our thoughts and ideas guided, by the views and ideas of the governments and press. The views of the people of the different countries of this world, will differ on most given situation depending on the public views of their given governments.

It also touches on the idea that we as the public are more interested in fiction than in reality.  It shows that we concentrate more on a directed, imaginary depiction of reality than our own lives.


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