The Guardians Best Photos of 2014

Jewel Samad/AFP

This is a look back at some of the most powerful stories of 2014, from the Ferguson riots to the school attack in Peshawar, a Missouri ‘firenado’ and hailstones in Siberia: the Guardian’s features picture editor Sarah Gilbert selects her most compelling images.

With all the quality images and stories that would have passed through the Guardian during 2014, it is a hard choice to highlight a selection that can be called best.

The challenge for a photo journalist is to capture the energy and story of the situation in a single image. To capture the story in visual form without the need of words. even though this is not always affective, with these i think it is. When you look through the images you are taken back to the story it depicts, re-experiencing the story as it broke.

There is a difficulty in photography today, that stories are recurring. Even though the images show the story of that day, to many of the stories for me did not depict 2014.

Massimo Sestini/eyevine

Not taking anything from the images or stories chosen, some of the stories are now being covered as if an event, knowing the where and when something is going to happen, allowing planing for every shot hours/days/weeks/months before the event occurs.


The likes of the image above represent 2014 to me better. This, even though may have happened in the passed, or will happen in the future, this occasion cannot be predicted. The quality of the images highlight the high expectations that are expected on a photo journalist.


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