Paris Photo 13.16 November 2014

It is the first year that i am to experience the acclaimed Paris Photo.  What i am to expect, I honestly don’t know.  I have looked at what events are running and to my surprise, it is not the only thing running, it is part of the bigger Paris Photography month, everywhere you look there is something that is of interest.  Paris Photo itself represents 35 countries of the world, covering 143 galleries and 26 publishers and art book dealers to showcase their contemporary and historic works.

While planing my excursions I thought that one day would be enough to cover everything at the venue, being able to experience and admire the exhibition at the glorious Grand Palais.  Well one day was not enough to take in the enormity of all the galleries and artists that were on show, however i don’t think I would have been capable to carry out a second day there.

To see so many of the most famous images by the most iconic artists all in one place was a little overwhelming, and yet so inspiring.  It was like looking at a search on the internet, and getting the quality of the actual print.  Seeing prints of varying sizes, however all at the highest of quality, highlighted that our images need to be printed to be truly appreciated, and when they are printed it is worth printing them properly.

There was the overwhelming feeling of the exhibition being one enormous sale room, as when passing each stall you can here the negotiations of price and availability of what was on sale.

If you have an interest in photography, or wish to invest in quality Photographs then this is well worth a visit.  With the vast selection on display i don’t think there are many, if any better locations to experience the market of photography.


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